The aim of this site is to give an insight into the real Ireland, the one not seen in the tourists brochures and travel guides for Ireland. It's mostly aimed at people not living in Ireland and want to know what the country is really like for the residents living here. Sure the travel guides paint a picture of a lush green countryside and picturesque mountains with cabins beside the lake and great fishing and night life, most of which is true but there's also the real Ireland which people outside the country don't really know about. We aim to give a glimpse inside that real Ireland and the trials and tribulations it's natives endure on a daily basis. The Real Ireland - Not Seen In Brochures. Also included are interesting stories of Ireland from years past.




 Inventions By Irishmen.


Colour Photography


Colour Photography Inventor.
It was a man by the name of John Joly who was a physicist and a geologist and renowned for his inventions, one of them was The Joly Colour Process and the first practical method for colour photography. It was in the year of 1895 the inventor found the way to produce colour photography from a single plate. The Joly Colour Process was introduced commercially in 1896. It was deemed way to expensive, while the final image produced the process could not achieve the so called natural look. July transformed how we see the world today through his invention.


Don't Go Swimming On Your Own.


With 1o deaths now dew to the hot weather in Ireland through drowning nobody should go swimming on their own anywhere. Even if you have already swam in that spot for years and think you know that it's safe, don't take the chance. Always bring somebody with you and bring somebody that can swim. Better still don't bother going at all, but if you must then go to a swimming pool where there are life guards. There are now more people drowning in Ireland in the hot weather than there are on the roads. Give it a rest lads.




Did You Know - Interesting Facts Regarding The Irish People.


So Why Do Women Carry A Bouquet Of Flowers When Getting Married.
This one goes all the way back to the 1500's and most people got married in the month of June in Ireland. Men took their yearly bath in the month of May, so they still had a bad smell when getting married in June. The bride would carry a Bouquet / bunch of flowers to mask the smell.


Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water.
Again this saying goes back donkey's year. Baths in those days were just a big tub filled with water. The man of the house always had the first go in the lovely clean water. Next came any son, then the women and finally the children came last. By this time the water was manky dirty that you could actually loose a child in it, Hence the old saying ''Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water.




Have You Ever Wondered Where Mental Hospital Patients Were Buried ?


Up until the 1980's in Ireland psychiatric or known then as mental patients were buried in the grounds of whatever hospital they  lived in.. When a patient died they were taken, often on the back of a tractor and trailer to a spot at the back of the hospital. A hole was dug and the poor patient was thrown in wrapped only in a blanket. No coffin was used. If a Priest was stationed in the hospital he would be called upon to say a few words over the dead person. The workers from the hospital then covered the grave and drove off on the tractor. The patients that ended up in these holes usually had no living relations, many more had relations that just didn't care.. The vast majority of patients in Asylums in Ireland were there from an early age. Put there by their parents for what would be regarded today as trivial matter such as mitching from school. Some were committed because they had a speech impediment but there were some that had real mental problems. The ones that had real mental problems were housed alongside other patients who had no mental health problems. Over time these patients developed mental conditions just by being locked up with the others. You have often heard the old Irish saying ''If You Lay Down With Dogs You Come Up With Fleas'' .




Did You Know ?


The largest building in Ireland including Northern Ireland is the Tesco Warehouse Near Swords Co. Dublin. Read More




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